Casablanca LRT

Casablanca LRT


The first Casablanca tramway is a record-breaking project in terms of the length of the line (31km of double track), the length of the trains (double-unit tram with 65m long tram sets) and the tight construction timetable, which is a genuine technical feat.

Inaugurated on the 12 December 2012, the line was built in response to a major need for public transport. It will be able to transport 250 000 passengers per day, providing a quiet and CO2 emission-free solution that complements the existing overcrowded bus transport network.

By providing a service to the town’s outlying districts, the line also has a strong social influence. It will open up certain heavily populated areas in addition to providing high quality developments along its length that will generally upgrade the urban environment.

Casablanca Transport en Site Aménagé SA, was created in March 2009 to manage and oversee the construction of the first tramway line in Casablanca with a view to commissioning in December 2012.

The new tramway line reshapes and adds value to public areas. In practical terms this has involved redeveloping the entire frontage along the route to install the technical infrastructure (tracks, platforms, passenger shelters, catenaries, luminous signals) and redesigning all the roads and pavement areas that are in the public domain.


A consortium of engineering firms put together by SYSTRA was awarded the general programme management contract in 2009 following an international tender. SYSTRA and its partners have carried out design studies, produced tender documents and helped the Commissioning Authority to award over 50 construction and supply contracts.

Since the end of 2010, SYSTRA has been responsible for supervising engineering work for the entire line and its Maintenance Centre, including acceptance testing of the engineering structures that have been built.

SYSTRA was directly responsible for alignment, platform and track work as well as the engineering structures (underpasses) along the tramway route.

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