Brussels Airport Landside Transport Facility Planning

Brussels Airport Landside Transport Facility Planning


Brussels Airport (BRU), located to the north-east of the city, carried almost 25 million air passengers in 2017. This volume is forecast to grow significantly over the next twenty years. This forecast sustained growth in air passenger demand over the period to 2040 will generate many challenges and opportunities. The airport operator - Brussels Airport Company (BAC) – has ambitious plans to expand the airport and its passenger terminals as part of its Vision 2040.

BAC is undertaking a raft of projects to comprehensively upgrade the terminal, landside facilities and ground access, as well as an ambitious programme of commercial development. Many of the component projects overlap in terms of both physical space and construction programme. SYSTRA were commissioned to undertake a series of studies at BRU:

  • A focused study related to the capacity of the ‘Intermodal Hub’ (IMH) and how the future access to the IMH can be safeguarded.
  • A detailed Landside Planning Study which examined the Terminal Area road network and landside facilities at key milestone years

An analytical design study working with the airport operator to develop a new security checkpoint


SYSTRA completed a comprehensive analysis of travel to/from the airport by air passengers, airport staff and commercial development employees. Demand estimates were produced in terms of both person trips and vehicle trips and the impact of these on existing and planned airport infrastructure was assessed.

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