Apps to promote and incentivise behaviour change: BetterPoints

Apps to promote and incentivise behaviour change: BetterPoints


Our strategic partner BetterPoints provides a mobile-based behaviour change platform that incentivises and rewards sustainable travel. We have worked with BetterPoints on numerous commissions to promote sustainable travel via their app which tracks users’ travel and rewards them with points for active travel trips. These points can then be redeemed for shopping vouchers or even donated to charity. As well as being a powerful motivator and a good way for an individual to monitor their own behaviour, BetterPoints provides quantified evidence for the amount of behaviour change generated through a promotional programme, as well as insight into the types of journeys different markets make.


Since 2015 we have worked with BetterPoints in Hounslow, Greenwich, York and the North East, to maximise mode shift in our projects and we have seen the app develop so it remains at the forefront of innovation.

In York, we ran a Winter Challenge to promote walking and cycling through the winter with BetterPoints. Over 500 people signed up to the app and were then able to affiliate to a business to compete on a leader board to be the business that logged the most active travel.

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