Active Travel Policy Implementation

Active Travel Policy Implementation


The Scottish Government, along with many other national and regional authorities, has set a strong policy framework for the promotion of active travel, yet had identified that less progress than had been desired was being achieved in increasing rates of walking and cycling.

As a result, they had wanted to understand the reasons why this situation arose.


SYSTRA undertook a detailed review of the policy framework, interviewed key stakeholders from across the active travel delivery spectrum, and investigated case studies to learn reasons for successes and failures.

Our work identified that active travel outcomes are hindered by the large number of players involved in delivering relevant projects, and that action is required to improve both infrastructure and supporting investments (such as information and campaigns).

We concluded that, to deliver higher rates of active travel, Government should provide stronger advocacy and more consistent funding, improve the evidence base of the benefits of walking and cycling, and improve the monitoring and evaluation of project outcomes.

Our work is reported here:

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