A57 South Yorkshire

A57 South Yorkshire


SYSTRA seeks to enhance our schemes with measures that protect the environment and improve personal health and well-being. Sustainability is recognised as a key element of protecting and conserving our environment and we enhance our engineering offer by providing specialist environmental expertise.


As part of longstanding involvement in the detailed design and assessment of a proposed new road alignment to the A57 near the village of Todwick, SYSTRA provided noise expertise to determine the potential changes in traffic noise at nearby properties and the likelihood for noise compensation claims under the 1973 Land Compensation Act. SYSTRA constructed a CADNA-A noise model to assess existing and future traffic noise levels with and without the scheme, whilst also attending the site to monitor noise levels at noise sensitive locations.

SYSTRA is currently in the process of undertaking the post scheme assessment of noise, attending the site to re-monitor noise and undertaking a re-validation exercise for the CADNA-A noise model to confirm changes in the noise environment and to outline any properties eligible for noise compensation in advance of potential future claims.

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