21 Moorfields, City of London

21 Moorfields, City of London

The Challenge

SYSTRA was commissioned in 2019 to provide inclusive access and design consultancy services in relation to the development of 21 Moorfields in the City of London, directly above Moorgate Station. The proposals which partially comprise of Deutsche Bank’s new UK headquarters, achieved planning consent in May 2018, with the consented development including the construction of a mixed-use development above and around the new Crossrail station entrance to provide office land uses. SYSTRA has been highly involved with the technical fit out design for the project for RIBA Stages two, three and four.


Through this scheme, SYSTRA has worked closely with TP Bennett Architects, to review and provide access layouts in accordance with relevant accessibility standards including AD Part M and BS8300-01/02. SYSTRA has been involved with reviewing the various internal building layouts for a range of land uses, including office, retail and recreational space.

The consented development includes areas with a wide variety of functions for the benefit of employees, ranging from a cinema to a gym, along with the conventional office facilities. This proved challenging in ensuring that all of the land use types met the necessary requirements to provide access for all. Further challenges included the level change of the ground floor, which was overcome through additional platform lifts and ramps, and the client’s desire for diagonal running exposed beam structures, which could provide a hazard to the visually impaired.

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